Monday, August 8, 2011

Now its time to take a look at men.

When looking at Emmad Irfani fully clothed, one can never figure out he would have such a hot body. Emmad is not a bog man. Rather, he is a fit small with a very cut body, one that is perfect for male models. A full six pack and a hot chest, this model makes women drool for sure.
Abdullah Ejaz has been voted the sexiest man by Pakistani women many times. This Model has not only made it big in Pakistan but also in the western Gay and female community. His pictures can now be found on several western forums and websites, praising his looks AND his gorgeous body. While Emmad goes for a more fit look, Abdullah has gone for a more Abercrombie look. A well defined chest, washboard abs, and huge biceps make women swoon over his hunk.

Ali Zafar started out as a model, turned towards acting, and then singing. For his album Hooka Pani, Ali Zafar did a video called Aik Pal in which he appeared shirtless. The video received criticism from some parents who did not want their daughters to watch a man shirtless (Tell your daughters to stop watching Indian movies as well) in a video. The criticism drove people to watch the video even more and Ali zafar was established a a HUNK. His body is quite fit. Its not as well defined as of the guys above but is still one that can give women a fever.

Ameer Zeb Khan, Winner of LSA best Male model probably has the most well defined and muscular body out of the bunch. Bulging Biceps, rock hard abs and a stone hard chest have made this model one of the favorites amongst the female models. Though quite simple in his personal appearance, this man dazzles everyone as soon as th shirt comes off.

So who do WE think has the sexiest body? When it comes to women, Neha Ahmed without a doubt has the sexiest one. She petite and totally fit. It is a body men fantasize about and women would kill for. When it comes to Men, Ameer Zeb Khan has the perfect Body. It is large and muscular but not to the point that he appears like a inflated man. It is the perfect rock hard body that drives women insane and men work their ass of for.


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