Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sleeping single… a disgrace or just more space?

When you stop and think about it sleeping is really just a time to rest. It’s essential for good physical and mental health, and should not be neglected. Still there are many people who don’t manage to get a good night’s sleep each day. There are of course many reasons why this happens, but I’m just going to tackle the issue many couples have.

Women like to have a man at their side during the night. It’s a warm and secure feeling which probably provides a deep and more comfortable night’s sleep.

Men on the other hand actually have disturbed sleep when there’s someone else in the bed. The size of bed is irrelevant. It’s also irrelevant whether or not they’ve had sex before. The exact reason for this isn’t quite clear, but most men tend to sleep lightly when there’s a woman next to them.

Some studies have suggested that it could be an instinctive thing, kind of like the man watches over his woman at night. Whatever…

So what, does this mean men and women should sleep in separate beds? Well 23% of American couples apparently do that. Perhaps that isn’t quite the best solution though. When it comes to sleeping a couple should be clear about what allows them to get a good rest and what disturbs them at night.

Sleep is a selfish part of life. It’s about waking up refreshed and being ready for a new day, so cut the man some slack and avoid the usual “why are you giving me your back” question, because it’s nothing personal, he just wants to get some sleep, that's the reason why.


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